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Corn Stoves and Corn Burning Grills

Customers have told us that SnowFlame corn stoves are the best investment they have ever made. It can save you money from the first day of use. Customers have reported heating up to 2,000 square feet with the SnowFlame Corn Stove.

Our corn stoves are easy to install, clean burning, and an excellent source of heat for your home. SnowFlame corn burning grills use dried corn kernels to cook your food. Our grill maintains the moisture of food, and meats cook with far less shrinkage than on regular grills.

Whether you're interested in self-sufficiency, safety, or just great-tasting, healthy food, it's wonderful to grill with dried corn. SnowFlame corn stoves and grills both use shelled corn for fuel which is readily available at feed stores, home improvement stores, pet supply stores, and many others.

SnowFlame, Inc., has been manufacturing corn stoves since 1985.

We stand behind all of our products, and can attest to their fine quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our Georgia SnowFlame dealer!


For more information, or TO PLACE AN ORDER:

Please Visit the General Tech Store at 6646 East Broad Street in Douglasville, Georgia.

General Tech Store
6646 East Broad Street
Douglasville, Georgia 30134

Or E-MAIL your phone number to:

Phone: 678-391-8484

We are approximately 30 minutes from Downtown Atlanta out I 20 West.

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Douglasville, GA 30134-1787


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Douglasville, GA 30134-1787

1st Georgia Corn Energy Systems, Distributor
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