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Though your search engine may pull this page from our archives, this SnowFlame dealer corn grill page originally approved by Carrol Buckner, then President of SnowFlame Corn Energy Systems is actually no longer published. 
You may have been a fan of the SnowFlame corn grill as we were.  The original American-made grills were truly a wonderful product.  However, the last order of grills that we received in 2002 were imported and inferior to the original grills.  Due to inferior imports of both grills and corn stoves and other sub-standard business performances, America's Harvest Energy Systems ceased ordering from SnowFlame in late 2002.
We apologize if you were looking or us and the search engine you chose sent you to this archived page.  To visit our official company site, please click here to go to:
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NOTICE:  We regret to inform you that as far as we are aware, corn grills are no longer in production.  The Snowflame company has been through several reorganizations and has been involved to some degree in importing junk product.   America's Harvest Energy Systems has had no business dealings with Snowflame since 2002 due to their lack of performance.  We recommend only quality, Ameircan-made Amaizablaze corn stoves manufactured by NESCO.  Please visit our site for more information about quality stoves at

America's Harvest Energy Systems leaves the remainder of the page below solely for the information of our customers who bought the original SnowFlame corn grills or SnowFlame corn stoves during or prior to 2002 when we were still a SnowFlame Dealer.  This page is for their use and informational purposes only.  If you need to know something about your grill or stove, the below information, originally approved by the old SnowFlame company, is to our knowledge true and correct.  It was not provided by the 'new' SnowFlame.  If you bought a SnowFlame corn grill or stove from us when we carried them as an official SnowFlame Dealer during and prior to 2002 and need more info, please contact us through our website:  We have also been able to provide free technical information and problem solving for many customers across the country who have had problems with their SnowFlame stoves purchased after 2002 even though we have had no business relations with the company since then.  Call us and we will help as best we can!  Thank you.

Original SnowFlame dealer informational page continues without pictures......

"Welcome! I invented the Buck wood-burning stove back in the 1970's. In 1985 my team and I invented the corn-burning stove! After years of research and product development, I am now pleased to share with you these exciting new products - the corn grill and the corn stove! They both use dried corn kernels for fuel !"

- Mr. Carrol Buckner     
CEO, SnowFlame, Inc.



This unique and exciting cooking process does not use gas, charcoal, wood, electric burners, or any other conventional fuel system.

MODEL #2000C - Standard Outdoor Barbecue Grill: Stainless steel interior components and an aluminum exterior consisting of the grill body, hood, cabinet, and countertop finished with a textured high temperature black powder for many years of durability.


Stainless Steel Corn

the first on the block to own one of these beautiful new inventions! Talk about a great excuse for a barbecue! Invite your friends, family, business associates or anyone else you'd like to impress.

MODEL #2000SS - Stainless Steel Outdoor Barbecue Grill: Solid stainless steel construction inside and out with the entire exterior (hood, body, counter top, and cabinet) constructed of heavy gauge brushed stainless steel for a lifetime of durability.




No more gas fumes or harsh chemicals in your food! Stop risking blowing yourself up or setting your deck or porch on fire! Quit suddenly running out of fuel!

End your dependence on propane companies! Start now enjoying delicious outdoor grilling! Freedom from tank lugging and hauling explosives in your car starts here!

Whether you're interested in self-sufficiency, safety, owning the latest greatest gadget, or just great-tasting, healthy food, it's wonderful to grill with dried corn because:

Corn will not pollute your food or your environment.

It does not produce creosotes, chemicals, hydrocarbons or gases.

Its natural ingredients burn 100% efficient.

It cannot explode or set your deck or porch on fire.

It costs much less than propane or charcoal.

It's the only 100% annually renewable energy source.

You could grow it yourself if you had to.

Corn is easy to buy, no matter where you live, at:

Feed stores
Seed stores

Home improvement stores
Pet supply stores
Co-op stores
Farmers' markets
Even the ___Mart stores


Shelled Corn - Based on bushel costs of $4.00: Corn grilling costs about $ .15 per hour
Propane - 5 lb. tank costs about $13.00: Propane grilling costs about $2.00 per hour
Charcoal - 5 lb. bag costs about $4.00: Charcoal grilling costs about $5.00 per hour

Take advantage of America's fastest renewing independent source of energy.

Yes, corn is the fuel, and when you grill on this amazing invention, your food will taste so wonderful you will not believe it! Our grill maintains the moisture of food, and meats cook with far less shrinkage than on regular grills. The flavors are enhanced (not ruined by creosote, chemicals or gas fumes).

Corn is environmentally friendly - not only does it not pollute, it contributes oxygen to the atmosphere while growing.

Consider that:

According to the EPA, 14,500 tons of volatile organic compounds are released into the air each year from gas and charcoal barbecue grills.

There are over 100 different chemicals and compound groups produced from burning wood and charcoal, such as:


No more hauling heavy propane tanks! No more messy bags of charcoal!
Two lbs. of corn lasts for an hour and costs only 15 cents!

The SnowFlame Outdoor Grill:

  • Is easy to light.
  • Has two cooking surfaces.
  • Can cook just like a convection oven.
  • Has a fully functional second oven!
  • Has temperature gauges on the oven and on the grill.
  • Is built with the highest quality workmanship/materials.
  • Lets the real taste of your food and spices come through.
  • Cooks all around and throughout - no need for turning or flipping!
  • Can even cook a turkey! (We cooked a big, delicious, moist,
    golden brown turkey without a rotisserie!)

You'll never have to wonder if you're about to run out of fuel. It's easy to see if you have some dried corn. These grills are quality-built to last for years and years!

Simply fill the hopper with up to a gallon of shelled corn.
This is enough fuel to cook up to 7 HOURS at any temperature you desire!
A gallon of corn costs between 25 and 50 cents.

Our "corn grill" cooks food all around and throughout on two cooking need for turning, flipping or rotisserie. Meats cook with far less shrinkage and retain more natural moisture.


MODEL #2000C - Stainless steel interior components and an aluminum exterior consisting of the grill body, hood, cabinet, and countertop finished with a textured high temperature black powder for many years of durability.

MODEL #2000SS - Solid stainless steel construction inside and out with the entire exterior (hood, body, counter top, and cabinet) constructed of heavy gauge brushed stainless steel for a lifetime of durability.

"The Buck wood-burning stove earned a reputation for quality and longevity. And now we proudly utilize the highest quality parts and craftsmanship when building our corn-burning grills and stoves. I hope you will acquire and enjoy them for a lifetime."

- Mr. Carrol Buckner     
CEO, SnowFlame, Inc.

For more information, or TO PLACE AN ORDER:

Please Visit the General Tech Store at 6646 East Broad Street in Douglasville, Georgia.

General Tech Store
6646 East Broad Street
Douglasville, Georgia 30134

Or E-MAIL your phone number to:

Phone: 678-391-8484

We are approximately 30 minutes from Downtown Atlanta out I 20 West.

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Douglasville, GA 30134-1787

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Douglasville, GA 30134-1787

Every one of our grills comes with a Seven Year Limited Warranty

AMERICAN MADEOur corn buring grill is made in AmericaWITH PRIDE

The SnowFlame Outdoor Grill is manufactured under the following patents:
US 5,351,633 and US 5,359,945, other patents pending.

"SnowFlame, Inc., has been manufacturing corn stoves since 1985, and I stand behind all of my stoves and grills and attest to their fine quality. Call and let's talk!"

- Mr. Carrol Buckner      
CEO, SnowFlame, Inc.


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