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Up to 30,000 BTU's
Heats approximately 1500sf
Burn Time up to 48 hours
Air Circulating Blower 160cfm
Weight: 150 pounds
Direct Vent System Required

MODEL 2100



Gold Door, Stand, and Base accessories extra.  For pricing, visit our online store.  Click here.

(Probably on or about October 15th.  Reserve your stove now!)

Due to unprecedented and overwhelming response to our pre-season crush sale, we have already served almost as many customers this season as all of last year!  But our plan did not exactly work as we had envisioned.  We had hoped to avoid being overrun with orders during October and November by offering you a special discount for buying early.

However, due to the worsening market conditions for traditional fuels, demand is still increasing for alternate fuels and our corn burning stoves.  The sharply rising gasoline prices and even some shortages have been a constant reminder that this winter's propane and natural gas, fuel oil, and electric heating expenses will be painfully higher --if fuels are even available. 

You already know the advantages of burning America's fuel, corn, in America's most efficient heater, the Amaizablaze Corn Stove presented by America's Harvest Energy Systems. And, you may already know of our commitment to service that includes a minimum 10 day turnaround on orders.  Since sheer volume will not allow us to meet that 10 day goal, we are offering a $100 discount for as long as we are behind schedule for all customers who order now.

Our phone is ringing steadily with people planning their corn stove purchase.  We are receiving literally hundreds of email inquiries. Therefore, we want to encourage you to let us reserve a stove for you now so that you can get ready for cold weather while supplies are good.  We apologize for the delay in delivery, but America's Harvest Energy Systems is pleased to offer you this special Internet sales price.

Order your America's Harvest Corn Burning Stove NOW, save money on your purchase, and be ready for this winter.  You must place your order before our delivery schedule recovers in order to get this special Internet Only pricing offer.  We will then reserve your stove for the earliest possible delivery.

Please do not wait any longer!  We do not want you to be without your corn burning stove when the cold weather comes and traditional fuel prices skyrocket or other fuels become unavailable.

While the traditional fuel industry struggles, we are actually near being able to offer you our special 'hot corn' -- a higher BTU corn and, yes, at a great price.

This special offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or promotions.  PLEASE, ACT NOW!

Order online at, or call our showroom at 678-391-8484. Discount pricing is enabled online for you to get your $100 discount and beat the surge of orders pouring in!

Our showroom is co-located with the General Tech Store, at 6660 East Broad Street, Douglasville, Georgia, 30134, on the main street of the Historic District of Douglasville, Georgia.  Bring this email with you to get the Internet Special Discount!

America's Harvest Energy Systems

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who is interested in saving on their energy bills this year and for years to come.

 MODEL 4100



Fireplace Surround accessories extra


Up to 50,000 BTU's
Heats approximately 2000sf
Burn Time up to 38 hours
Air Circulating Blower 320cfm
Weight: 240 pounds
7 Layer Air Filter, reusable
Direct Vent System
or Fireplace Exhaust System Required

Up to 70,000 BTU's
Heats approximately 3500sf
Burn Time up to 44 hours
Air Circulating Blower 625cfm
Weight: 275 pounds
Direct Vent System Required
MODEL 4100



Gold Door and Leg accessories extra


Available Accessories include Gold Door, Gold Trim, Wood Trim, Gold or Black Legs, Base, Fireplace Surrounds, Corn Sifters, and the Duct Adapter (for the Cheyenne only).

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