Corn Stoves are simply better than gas, electric, and wood or wood pellet stoves.

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Corn Burns 20% Hotter than Wood

Corn Stoves Save You Money

Corn Stoves Do Not
Require a Chimney

Corn Stoves are

The pot belly stove made the fireplace obsolete;

The airtight (Buck) stove made the pot belly stove obsolete;

The wood pellet stove made the Buck stove obsolete;

The corn stove made the the wood pellet stove obsolete.

What's in your house?

Corn heat is 50% cheaper
than Gas heat in most markets and much less expensive than fuel oil.

Corn Stoves are Good For the Environment




Stove Boards and Surrounds


Cherokee Freestanding Model 2100


It takes only 120 days for America's farmers to replenish the world's corn supply; 20 years to grow a hardwood tree.

Using America's fastest-renewing, independent alternate source of energy, America's Harvest Energy Systems' Corn Stoves are spreading like wildfire throughout the country. Thousands of people are using corn stoves to decorate and heat their homes instead of wood stoves or other energy sources that are on the decline. Coupled with the timeless beauty of our precision-crafted, American-made stoves, it's easy to see how corn could quickly become the energy source of the future.