Model 4100 Iroquois Corn or Multi-Fuel Pellet Home Heater

The Model 4100 Iroquois is a real workhorse.  With 40,000 BTUs of heat output, you can head a large area.  Some people report heating their whole home with this heater!  The 4100 corn burning heater was created as a fireplace insert, but you can use a stand or legs and use it in a freestanding configuration.  Some people take advantage of its triangular shape to install in a corner of a room.  Whether you burn corn or go with our multi-fuel (wood pellet) conversion, you are using America’s renewable fuels, and you will love this heater!

Take a look at the many configurations of this stove to find the setup that best suits your needs.  Click here to see various 4100 configurations and pricing.