IMPROVED Auger – 7100 Cheyenne P-7042

Part P-7042 7100 Auger (pellet conversion)
Description:: The 7100 Cheyenne Improved Auger fits all Amaizablaze model 7100 Utility Furnace stoves.
SAVE WITH A KIT: Consider the Complete Auger Kit and save over purchasing the parts separately.
Advisory:: The improved or multi-fuel auger does not convert your stove to a multi-fuel burner. This auger is more efficient, especially with wood pellets, but to convert to the ability to safely burn wood pellets, you will need the complete conversion kit. The kit includes the improved/multi-fuel auger.
IMPROVED: Originally designed to process wood pellets and other pellet fuels better, we have discovered that this auger also processes corn more efficiently. Therefore, the old style or original auger has been phased out.


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