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America's alternate fuel is corn.  The Amaizablaze corn stove gets the best out of this fuel for you. Corn is easily available, reliable, and plentiful.  Energy prices have soared of late, but even with the increases, corn burning remains competitive.  Relax warmly with a corn burning stove.  Saving is about America's Harvest Energy Systems corn stoves; and it's about corn, America's clean fuel option.  America's Harvest Energy Systems offers you exclusively the Amaizablaze corn stove, America's best corn stove.  We are Georgia's trusted, premier corn stove dealer.    We exclusively represent Amaizablaze corn stoves manufactured in Cookeville, TN,  However, we can usually provide you with quality parts for SnowFlame stoves.  Buy from us with confidence!

We receive many calls from customers searching for parts for the American Harvester Stove by US StoveWe do not sell these stoves or parts.  For your convenience,  here is a link to their Corn Stove and Pellet Stove Parts Catalogue: CLICK HERE for United States Stoves Parts information.


corn stove, corn furnace, corn burning stove, alternate fuel stove, money saving,  corn burning stoves and furnaces, America's Harvest Energy Systems burn corn the best!America's Harvest Energy Systems corn stoves are efficient, Inexpensive heat is about two things:  The fuel, corn; and the corn burning stove or furnace by America's Harvest Energy Systems

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Corn Stoves

  corn stove, corn furnace, corn burning stove, corn burning stoves and furnaces, America's Harvest Energy Systems burn corn the best!
Beautiful Fire
All the time!
No more handling of wood, no more mess!
No more bugs, dirt, and no more re-filling your firebox every few hours with wood to stay warm!

No more high gas prices for heat. 
You save 25% to 50% over LP or Natural gas!

No more high electric bills. 
You save about 50% to 75% over electric!

What energy system does all this?

America's Harvest Energy Systems Corn Stoves and Furnaces!

As our forests, oil and other energy sources are continually depleted, corn is replenished annually.

Corn does not need expensive processing or  re-processing like other bio mass fuels. Corn is nature's natural and perfect pellet fuel.

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It took more than 4 million years for fossil fuels to form (oil, gas, coal).

It takes 40 years to grow mature trees.

It only takes 4 months to grow corn!


Want to save on your electricity or natural gas, too?

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Don't get caught without backup heat!  Our corn stove along with a power inverter is a great source of heat when your commerical power is out due to ice and snow storms!

Whole Kernel Corn: clean, easy to handle, great solution!

CORN -in one of
America's Harvest Energy Systems
CORN STOVES- is your
Heating Solution,
Your Backup Heating Solution,
Your Alternate Fuel Solution,
Your Savings Solution, and your Fuel Availability Solution!

We have seen the price of corn rise as other energy prices soar and the demand for ethanol increases, however 

In the past we have seen a national shortage of wood pellets that lasted for months. 

We have All You Need to save for many winters to come!
Corn is America's Family Farmer's Harvest.  There is no shortage!

You need no conventional fuel like wood or gas to supplement your corn heater.  After initial start up, you need no other fuel source to maintain a beautiful, hot, economical fire to warm your home, business, warehouse, chicken house, green house, work shop, or barn. 

Due to the huge demand for corn to produce Ethanol, corn prices in some markets have become inflated.  Amaizablaze now produces a converter for its corn burners to allow you to burn hardwood pellets. 

Economical heat is as much about the fuel as it is about the stove, heater, or furnace.  Gas and electric furnaces can be highly efficient and convenient, but the cost of the fuel has become a painful drain on the family budget each month.  America's harvest of corn and wood produced pellets is a great way to save.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina damaged refineries and supply lines of natural and propane gas.  In 2006 the Alaskan pipeline was damaged and all energy prices spiked up once again.  In 2007 through 2009 record-high crude oil and the depreciating dollar drove petroleum fuel products even higher. Higher taxes are now being levied on conventional fuels.  No one knows what might happen next to upset the sensitive balance of petroleum-based fuel prices, but America's family farmers' corn production is no where near capacity.  By burning corn you can change the economic landscape for your family.

Winter storms may leave some without backup heat, but with our corn stove and backup power supply (an inverter that you connect to a car battery), you will be warm when no one else has back up heat at all!

Wood is heavy, dirty, and is neither efficient, convenient, nor environmentally friendly.  And unless you have a source for free wood, it is expensive.  Hardwood pellet stoves are an economic solution in one of our highly efficient stoves with the solid fuel pellet conversion kit installed.

Corn burns cleaner and hotter than any other fuel.  Our corn stoves use a direct vent system that installs easily and less expensively than wood pellet or other types of grain burners.

America's Harvest Energy corn stoves and furnaces bring together the best fuel (corn) and the most efficient, least expensive corn-specific burning/heating systems available (Amaizablaze corn-burning stoves and furnaces).  This is the place to purchase your stove for many years of economic, enjoyable heat.  Add the conversion kit and you have a versatile heating solution that allows you to choose the least expensive fuel available no matter how the energy market fluctuates.

Burning your Corn Stove is Practically Perfect for You and the Environment

Corn may be nature's only perfect fuel.  It produces oxygen as it grows and needs no special processing or pelletizing before use.  It is nature's perfect pellet fuel.   A near pure food and pure fuel, corn burns virtually smoke free, odor free, ash free, and pollutant free.  It produces no dangerous creosote in your vent pipes, no waste product, and it requires no chimney.  Burn corn and you emit no more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than if it were left in the field to decay or fed to animals.

Using a corn stove or furnace will produce the very same three things that you produce every day as you breathe out: carbon dioxide, moisture, and HEAT!  (Lots of heat in this case!)  If everyone would burn corn rather than wood, the blue-gray haze of wood smoke over our neighborhoods every winter morning would be gone! 

Daily Maintenance is Quick and Easy!

Fifty pounds of corn will produce a small 'clinker' in the burner, which is a porous chunk about six inches square and three inches thick.  It is pure potash that can be easily removed and discarded into your garden where it quickly dissolves to enhance the soil.  In less than 10 minutes you can remove the clinker and refill the built in hopper with corn and then enjoy maintenance free operation until the next time to refill --which might be 4 days later!  (There are little to no messy ashes to deal with.)  Try that with your wood burning stove.

Corn is Clean, Easy to Handle and Store, Plentiful, & an Annually Renewable Alternate Fuel Source

You can buy corn from any local "feed and seed" type store, or perhaps from your local America's Harvest EnergyTM dealer for under $10 per fifty pounds.  (Much less in corn growing states!)  WalMart even carries "Deer Corn" in the fall at a great price and it is great corn for your stove.  Or, grow only one acre of your own corn you can heat the average sized house for a whole season.  Whether purchased or 'home grown', corn is an annually renewable fuel source whereas it may take 50 years to grow a hardwood tree to produce wood for fuel. American farmers harvest, dry, convey, and store millions of bushels of corn annually. 

The American government purchases corn as a major portion of its subsidy to poorer nations. We cannot deplete the supply of this natural, annually renewing fuel source.  The corn you burn need not be of #1 Grade in quality, but should be relatively free of fines, bees wings, and dust for best auger operation.  Our new filter is easy to use and assures you of problem free operation.  Corn may be of up to 15% moisture content, which is fine but the drier it is, the hotter it burns.  It is good for you, good for the environment, and good for the American farmer if you burn corn.  Americans will never be dependent on foreign suppliers for this fuel ---America's Harvest Energy!

America's Harvest Energy Systems' Corn Stoves and Furnaces are Simply the Best!

Our corn burning stoves and furnaces are not modified wood pellet burners or redesigned bio mass stoves.  And, they are not cheap imitation imports.  They are the real thing, American made, Underwriters Laboratories approved, and specifically designed to burn corn!  They are the most efficient, most dependable, most attractive, and least expensive pellet burning stove option available. 

If you want maximum efficiency and savings; you want one of America's Harvest Energy Systems corn burning stoves or furnaces.  To make sure you get the best service for years to come from  your corn stove or furnace, we offer you installation videos online that walk you through the simple process.  (No construction experience is necessary.  It is not 'rocket science'.)  Since no chimney is required but only a 5" or 6" vent directly through a combustible wall with no expensive wall thimble, stack pipes, or chimney; our stoves and furnaces have been called a 'do-it-yourselfer's-dream'.

If you install our converter, you are adding the ability to burn wood pellets in this highly efficient stove.  It's the best of both worlds!

Purchase a Power Inverter to Have Reliable Back-up Heat With Your Corn Stove!

Run our corn burning stove when your commercial power is out by connecting our optional power inverter to a car battery for over 24 hours of back up heat.  You don't want to run your generator for too many hours a day due to the expense of gasoline, so connect a charger to a car battery while your generator runs and then enjoy hours of battery powered backup heat.  This may save your life!

Model 2100 Corn Burning Stove, Standard
Cherokee Standard
Cherokee Chieftain

MODEL #2100 - Comes in various styles as you choose the configuration you prefer to fit your decor: You can choose legs for a more "Victorian" look, a base mount for a more modern look, add gold plated door, legs, or trim; or simply leave your corn stove in the popular Colonial American all black look.
The following 24K gold options are available: 24K gold Queen Anne legs, 24K gold bottom plate, and 24K gold door. more info....

Fireplace Insert
Freestanding Application
- Can be used as free-standing or insert -
- Gold and brass options are available -
-Wood Trim is also available in various colors and finishes or natural so that you can stain it to match your decor.-

MODEL #4100 - This model can be used as a fireplace insert, freestanding stove, or freestanding corner application. Optional fireplace panel, fireplace brass kit, freestanding brass kit, and 24K gold doors are available.  ...more info

         The America's Harvest Corn Stoves and Furnaces:

  • Easy to install.
  • Virtually smoke-free.
  • Safe - no creosote, harmful fumes or explosives.
  • Free of dangerous chemicals and explosives.
  • Adjustable heat range from 8,000 BTU to 70,000 BTU input.
  • Available installation kit for direct vent application.
  • Available 24kt gold trim options
  • Built with the highest quality American materials and workmanship.
  • Have a three year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • All our stoves are Underwriter's Laboratory approved.
  • Have a one year warranty on electrical parts.
  • Are safest heating systems for your business, shop, home and family.

Start using the 'new' alternate energy source for the new millennium today!

 It is a never-ending American energy source, and thus is the new alternative fuel of choice. Corn is friendly to the environment. It contributes oxygen to the atmosphere while growing, and poses no safety or pollution hazards. Corn is abundantly and universally available. And you could grow it if you wanted to...

Customers have told us that Corn Stoves are the best investment they have ever made. It can save you money from the first day of use. Don't wait! Start saving now on your heating bill while enjoying the comfort of staying warm with corn.

Our Corn Stoves burn shelled corn without costly additives, which is readily available at a store near you (usually a feed and seed type store). Customers have reported heating up to 2,000 square feet with the model 2100 Freestanding Corn Stove. Room air is continuously filtered and re-heated so that comfortable heat builds up more and more as the corn burning stove runs 24/7!

Corn Burning stove exhaust diagram, side view.

2100 Model

The freestanding model doesn't need a chimney.
If you have a chimney, you can use it as a vent.

Quality Built

Built using computer-controlled lasers and advanced fabricating techniques, you get a quality finish that insures years of enjoyment and service. We provide a three year limited warranty on materials and workmanship, and a one year warranty on electrical parts. The Corn Stove is EPA exempt.

For more information, to see stoves in operation,
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AMERICAN MADEBurn America's fuel in America's stove to promote America's workers and farmers and help end foreign dependence.  You help keep jobs in America!WITH PRIDE

Email us with your questions right now!  You do not want to get caught paying outrageous fuel bills or without a backup energy system this winter.  Order  your stove online today and let us put your name on a stove in our warehouse right now!.  Click Here

Gary Brittain, President
America's Harvest Energy Systems


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