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2100 N, Cherokee 30,000 BTU Corn Burning Stove

Cherokee 30,000 BTU Corn Burning Stove AA 2100 N

Description The Cherokee 2100 N is our best selling corn burning stove. This is the basic, complete stove, but includes no exhaust system and no base nor legs. Check one of our package deals to get the best pricing on everything you need for your installation.

Hopper Capacity 60 Pounds of corn

Adjustable BTUs 8,000 to 30,000

Hopper Burn Time Up to 48 hours

Heating Capacity Up to 1500 sf

Air Re-circulating Blower (1) 160cfm

Exhaust Direct Venting (through the wall) ready, Vent kit not included

Cherokee Specifications Width: 20.5 inches, Height: 24 inches (32 inches if legs added), Depth: 23 inches

Weight 150

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions:

Height: 24in

Width: 20.5in

Length: 23in



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