Combustion Blower Heat Saver Rheostat Kit (7100)

Why add the Combustion Air Heat Saver Rehostat Kit to my stove?: Adding this kit can improve the BTU output by 14% by allowing you to 'fine tune' the combustion air flow. The original reason for its manufacture was so that older stoves can use the negative draft kits. Some older stoves do not have the allen screws in the back to adjust airflow and cannot be converted without this rheostat kit. Older cornstoves include, CornFlame, CornGlo, SnowFlame, and some older AmaizAblaze (Nesco Corn Stoves) stoves. Increasing combustion air pressure may increase the BTU output, but will also increase fuel consumption. This Heat Saver allows you to slow the exhaust gases flow, which increases the heat retained in the stove and produces more heat for your space.
Will the Rheostate Heat Saver Kit save me money?: YES!! Tests reveal that the 7100 efficiency is increased by as much as 14%! You should save the cost of the Rheostat within a month or so and enjoy fuel savings for years to come.
For what other reason would I add the Rheostat kit to my stove? : Since the negative draft kits were introduced, we have learned that the safety feature built into the exhaust motor can actually shut down the exhaust motor when you did not want or expect that to happen. The safety feature is a 270 degree thermo-disc internal to the motor. Amaizablaze is in search of a higher temp model, but no joy so far. The motor temperature may rise above 270 degrees when you have your room blower on low. This causes more heat to build up in the firebox and exhaust, thus exceeding 270 degrees and abruptly shutting down the exhaust blower motor. The result is loss of fire and the abrupt stop causes more smoke than normal that you may smell in your home (the smell of burnt cornbread). The Rheostat allows you to increase the rate of exhaust flow and keep the exhaust temp lower preventing the safety device engagement.
What else could I do to lower the exhaust gas temperatue?: When you slow the room air blower, also reduce the amount of fuel feed and lower the firebox and exhaust gas temp.


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