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4100/7100 Cast Auger Bushing P-7035

P-7035 4100/7100 Cast

Description: OEM cast auger bushing for Amaizablaze 4100 Iroquois and 7100 Cheyenne stoves. This part may also fit most similar model SnowFlame, Corn Flame, CornGlo* or other fireplace insert copies of our corn stoves, excluding the 7100.

* SnowFlame, Corn Flame, and CornGlo are registered, trademarked brand names of those companies. If you are looking for a part for a SnowFlame, Corn Flame, or CornGlo stove, since many of those products were based on the original Amaizablaze design, Amaizablaze parts usually work on those stoves, and in many cases, are completely interchangeable. However, we can accept no responsibility for correctness or fit of our parts to other brands, since unknown changes may have been made to our original designs. We will accept a return on undamaged, unused parts (other than electronic parts) after inspection. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges on returned items.


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