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  1. Terry Norgal

    my auger has been making some straining sounds and been slowed in delivering the corn to the basket. Ive taken the motor out is there any lubricating that I can do to help it?

    we love our model 4100 serial5140

    • admin

      Hi T.N. Yes. You can use dry graphite or Never Seize on the auger/bushing connection. You may want to disconnect the auger from the motor drive shaft, sand and clean up the shaft and the inside of the bushing, then lubricate. It is recommended that the joint be lubricated once a month during the winter or during periods of constant use.

      It is important that you never use a liquid lubricant on that joint. The oil attracts dust from the corn and actually can cause the bushing to wear prematurely, or completely lock up and damage/burn out your auger motor.

      Here is a link to recommended lubricants on the website. I apologize there are no pictures, but maybe the quantities will help you in comparing pricing to local hardware or auto parts stores.

      Thank you for the question!
      Have a great day!

  2. pauline

    I have an Amazablaze corn stove model 2100. The auger stopped working & manual button work not force it to turn.
    help. thank you

    • admin

      Hi Pauline,
      That sounds like the auger motor is out. If the primer button won’t make it turn, that is most likely the problem.

  3. Andy Green

    I have a amazablaze 7100. The speed control no longer adjustment the speed of feed. Seems to be stuck in 10 or close to that. What part do I need to order. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Andy,
      That scenario points directly at the Off Timer and indirectly to the Potentiometer. The timer responds to the input, controls the amount of time that the auger motor is off, so that is likely your needed part. It is rare for the potentiometer to be the culprit in your described case.

      I recommend the new style timer, since Amaizablaze believes it to be more robust/durable than the old style one. The “old style” will work fine, if you prefer and is about $15 less expensive.

      I hope this helps, Andy. Have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Jerry Gilles

    I have a wood stove now . It ways 250 pounds . I am a senior citizen .Do you have men to remove my old and install my new corn stove?

    • admin

      Hi Jerry,
      I may be able to find someone. What is your location?

  5. Bill

    hello, I’m trying to find out how to replace the auger on the 4100. I found a video on how to do it for the 2100 but the 4100 appears to have a hook at the top unlike the 2100 auger.

    • admin

      Hi Bill, All augers now have the hook at the top. It was originally designed to work on stoves that had been converted to burn wood pellets, but since it also works fine on corn only burners, it is now the standard auger.

  6. Craig Shepard

    Any instructions on how to install heat duct adapter kit on 7100?


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We have had several questions about parts listed as both “Old Style” and “New Style”. First of all, either part will fit and work for you. The New Style parts are the latest designs and usually, that means enhancements have been made, but they fit basically the same way so don’t worry about that aspect of it. However, if you are burning corn only and have not upgraded to multi-fuel capability by installing our conversion kit, you do not need the improved auger. The improved auger is designed to handle wood pellets better but is not needed if you are burning corn. And remember this: simply changing the auger does not convert your corn burner to a multi-fuel stove!

We are trying to manage inventory to prevent you ordering an Old Style part that is out of stock, but it is possible that simultaneous orders could come in from various dealers so we cannot guarantee that we will not have to call you to advise you that your order for an Old Style part will have to be held as a back order, or changed to the New Style part. We apologize for that inconvenience if it happens to you.

If you cannot find the part you need or are not sure which part you need, please complete the short contact form. We usually respond to info requests within 24 hours.


We hope to eventually have pictures and/or videos to help you with installation of your Conversion Kit, meanwhile, here are copies of the install instructions that come with your kit.


There have been many copies of the original Amaizablaze 2100, 4100, and 7100 under various names.  Since they are copies,we have no information on any changes the other manufacturers may have made, Amaizablaze cannot with certainty guarantee that our Conversion Kit will exactly fit. There are also some Facebook posts and posts on hearth products sites that say that all you need is a new firepot and auger.  That is definitely not true.

Here is what has to happen:

What a conversion kit has to do is change the combustion air flow from a positive pressure flow to negative pressure flow.  Corn burns great with the positive pressure air flow and since it is more difficult to combust, there is little to no issue of corn combusting in the drop tube and auger shaft.  It works great!  Positive pressure air flow means that there is a likelihood of at least a small amount of exhaust air escaping via up the drop tube, through the auger shaft, and into the hopper.  With corn, no problem.  If the normal exhaust flow is interrupted/partially blocked, you will see ‘sweating’ inside the corn hopper and that tells you there is an exhaust gas blockage somewhere….so needs cleaning out. And of course, the exhaust from corn is water vapor and CO2, what you breath out with every breath, so harmless.

Wood pellets combust much easier than corn. Therefore, in the positive pressure corn burner they may ignite wood pellets in the drop tube, in the auger shaft, and even into the hopper where they smolder and smoke.  This is called a ‘backfire’. Any stove that uses positive pressure combustion air and exhaust gas is in danger of a backfire.  This is why simply changing a few parts will never safely suffice.  The exhaust gas from burning pellets and the smoke from smoldering pellets can smoke up your house or even cause a fire.

The Amaizablaze wood pellet conversion system calls for uninstalling the internal combustion air blower and sealing off its previous location on the airflow tube, adjusting the airflow adjustment screw, and most importantly, providing a new vent system with the blower on the outside of the stove.  On a direct vent system, the blower is outside the building in the exhaust cap.  In a vertical install, it is in the vertical kit outside and on top of the back of the stove.  Therefore, the air is being sucked through the stove (ie negative pressure) and exhausted outside.  Any leakage of air flow through the hopper, auger tube, and drop tube is minimal, but with this negative pressure air flow, it is flowing toward the combustion chamber and out through the external combustion blower.  You could say that a corn burner uses an internal combustion air blower and a converted wood pellet burner uses an external exhaust gas blower.

Conversion of a corn stove to wood pellets by install of the full conversion kit is the only safe method and it maintains the high efficiency you want from your pellet stove.  Corn burns fine in a converted stove as well.

Below are the links to the Amaizablaze Conversion Kit for the Amaizablaze 4100 Iroquois.  Depending on changes made by the other manufacturer, you will learn whether the kit works on your stove.  You may have a high probability of success, since you will be removing whatever internal combustion air blower the other manufacturer used and then adding the negative draft system, which is external to the stove.  You might consider adding the rheostat to control the external blower speed to enable you to adjust to the perfect air flow for your stove.

We do not normally accept returns of any electronic parts (like blower motors), but if you receive the kit and see that the install will just not work we will work something out.  It would have to be uninstalled, never powered up, basically still new as received to allow a return.  I suggest starting with one kit, then if it works as you hope, add the other two.

4100 Direct Vent Negative Draft Kit:

4100 Vertical flu or fireplace Kit:

Rheostat control for external/negative air flow motor:

To search for wood pellet conversion kits for other Amaizablaze stoves, go to our parts page and enter ‘conversion’ in the search window:

Never hesitate to contact us if you need more information.