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  1. Terry Norgal

    my auger has been making some straining sounds and been slowed in delivering the corn to the basket. Ive taken the motor out is there any lubricating that I can do to help it?

    we love our model 4100 serial5140

    • admin

      Hi T.N. Yes. You can use dry graphite or Never Seize on the auger/bushing connection. You may want to disconnect the auger from the motor drive shaft, sand and clean up the shaft and the inside of the bushing, then lubricate. It is recommended that the joint be lubricated once a month during the winter or during periods of constant use.

      It is important that you never use a liquid lubricant on that joint. The oil attracts dust from the corn and actually can cause the bushing to wear prematurely, or completely lock up and damage/burn out your auger motor.

      Here is a link to recommended lubricants on the website. I apologize there are no pictures, but maybe the quantities will help you in comparing pricing to local hardware or auto parts stores.

      Thank you for the question!
      Have a great day!


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We have had several questions about parts listed as both “Old Style” and “New Style”. First of all, either part will fit and work for you. The New Style parts are the latest designs and usually, that means enhancements have been made, but they fit basically the same way so don’t worry about that aspect of it. However, if you are burning corn only and have not upgraded to multi-fuel capability by installing our conversion kit, you do not need the improved auger. The improved auger is designed to handle wood pellets better but is not needed if you are burning corn. And remember this: simply changing the auger does not convert your corn burner to a multi-fuel stove!

We are trying to manage inventory to prevent you ordering an Old Style part that is out of stock, but it is possible that simultaneous orders could come in from various dealers so we cannot guarantee that we will not have to call you to advise you that your order for an Old Style part will have to be held as a back order, or changed to the New Style part. We apologize for that inconvenience if it happens to you.

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